The Track

The APEX track is comprised of two phases. Bob Barnard of Motorsports Service International designed each phase to be enjoyable by drivers with diverse experience levels in vehicles from modern sports cars to track cars to vintage cars.

The APEX track is naturally dissected by a wash running from the northeast corner to the southwest corner of APEX Motor Club’s 280-acre site. This natural element created a design feature of two very distinguishable tracks with various racing characteristics and features. The intent of both phases was to produce two different experiences through a variety of corners and high-speed sections. When combined, the phases will create 4.20 miles of Arizona’s fastest and most sophisticated multi-configurable road course.

The 2.27-mile Phase I track, located southeast of the wash, is tighter than Phase II due to its numerous and challenging increasing, decreasing and constant radius turns. However, its turns and chicanes combine with its most distinguishable feature, a 3,400-foot straightaway, to create an opportunity for drivers to achieve maximum speed before and after an assortment of corners.

The 2.15-mile Phase II track is located northwest of the wash. It is more open than Phase I and has numerous high-speed sections combined with only one slow corner. In addition, its elevation changes challenge drivers and create a different effect than the Phase I track.