The Garages

The APEX Garage Condominiums will provide the perfect setting for a social feature unavailable to owners who keep their vehicles in traditional storage facilities.

In the first release, APEX will offer a total of 48 trackside garage condominiums of 1,250 square feet each. The units will be delivered with painted drywall, electrical panel/outlets, HVAC and plumbing for bathrooms. Owners will be afforded numerous options to include lofts and upgraded finishes and custom design features. All of the condominiums will be individually deeded. Owners will be able to purchase and combine multiple units to meet their storage needs.

In subsequent releases, APEX will offer garage condominiums in two sizes:  625 square feet and 1,250 square feet (and larger when combined). In addition, APEX will offer its standard for-lease units of 625 square feet for a minimum 24-month term.