APEX Motor Club

APEX Motor Club will be the only private motorsports club and race track within the metropolitan area boundaries of one of the six most populated cities in America. Of those cities, only Phoenix offers the most ideal daily racing conditions by having over 300 days of sunshine per year.

APEX will be more than its smooth and curvaceous 2.27-mile race-quality asphalt road course (expanding to 4.20 miles in a subsequent phase) featuring a 0.65-mile straightaway and multiple configurations designed by award winning track designer Bob Barnard of Motorsports Service International. It will be a social environment for automotive enthusiasts in a unique setting for endless automotive and motorsports experiences that are not normally available without such an exclusive venue.

APEX is centrally located in the Phoenix Metropolitan Area on 280 acres in the City of Maricopa on Arizona State Highway 238 between Ralston Road and Warren Road.  It is approximately 35 minutes from Phoenix Sky Harbor Airport, 30 minutes from Downtown Phoenix and 35 minutes from Scottsdale. It is easily accessible by several major freeways and close to numerous golf courses, hotels, restaurants and entertainment districts.

APEX will not only be the Southwest’s premier motorsports country club, but it will be a destination for you to race, relax, dine and socialize. We have designed APEX around what avid auto enthusiasts demand. From the track to the garages to the clubhouse to all of its amenities, APEX will be a lifestyle destination for people who are passionate about racing.